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DC Review: Too much Neil Patrick Harris, not enough Polish people talking over the Orchestra. 

The Best and Worst Moments from the 87th Academy Awards
February 23, 2015
I think this is all that needs to be said about the Red Carpet pre-show....
But at least the show started off right with an elaborate musical number by Host Neil Patrick Harris that earned rave reviews....
And when J.K. Simmons took home the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actor, we could only think of one thing....
But it only started to go downhill from there once Adam Levine took the stage to perform....
Aren't we all watching for these two things.....
And for Jennifer Lopez, of course.
Seat-fillers are the real heroes, especially the ones that are proud enough to show it....
Either we found our guy on drugs, or Pawel Pawlikowski really wanted to make the most of his speech, even talking right through the orchestra!
Guardians of the Galaxy not winning Best Makeup and Hairstyling was surprising to say the least....
Channing Tatum is always entertaining, for both genders but for different reasons....
Joan Rivers shares how we feel about the Oscars not including her in their death montage....
Terrence Howard tried to enter the nominations for Best Presentation of an Award with a tear-jerking speech.....
And John Travolta made sure to be as creepy as possible without already looking like a wax ghoul...
Lady Gaga floored us with her epic 'Sound of Music' Tribute to Julie Andrews...
Congratulations to Birdman for taking home Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay! My, look how far you've come!
Comedian Rob Delaney used his usual brand of humor to address his thoughts on American Sniper not winning....
But not before Neil's cringeworthy last act that started after Midnight and just had us wanting to go to sleep.....
Our overall feelings of the Oscars were summed up pre-show by Kerry Washington....
But at least someone was asking the right questions.....
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John Travolta had only one job at the Oscars! he had to present Idina Menzel.... but he pronounced her name totally wrong! This is what happened next! LOL

If John Travolta Had To Pronounce Everyone’s Name At The Oscars
March 06, 2014
Rita Allee
Bento Tinderbox nearly killed me XD
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Tengku Zsara
Seriously John, you only had one job to read the artist name and you ruined it?
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Jezz Geez
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Susie DaQuila
Please keep in mind that he has dyslexia. It really isn't fair to make fun of someone for a disability that he cannot help.
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Gary Pranzo
Now i know for sure he is 100% NOT GAY
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Peter Raphael
I'm actually a big fan of Stanley Hooper's work.
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Jonathan Andrade
Brat Spit's work is marvelous. Did you see The Coughing Child of Benjamin Sputum?
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We were all expecting Leo to win the Oscars this year! (finally)... But he didn't win AGAIN! What's wrong with the Academy? Look at his face before and after he realized he didn't win!

A Heartbreaking Look At The Exact Moment Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win An Oscar Again
March 03, 2014
Chris Sea-la
Wouldn't it be really funny if like 50 years from now someone made a movie about Leonardo DiCaprios life and they won an Oscar for it?
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Samantha Ryan
There's an Oscar waiting for you. In my house. Under that box. *leo trapped 4eva* (edit: please stop sending me friend requests)
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Maria Werner Brejner
It's a conspiracy to keep the meme going.
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Julia Braxton
I have as many oscars as Leo... again...
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Brittany Alexis
There could be a category for "Best Leonardo Dicaprio" and he still wouldn't win. The Oscars are jacked up. #Leo2015
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Official Teaser Trailer for Quentin Tarentino's The Hateful Eight
I have no idea what's going on, but I love it. 
It's jumped the shark
Sharknado 3 Reaction
Chappie Reaction
Chappie? More like Bad Robot Movie!