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Lighten up, dad. 

Dad Accidentally Eats Daughter's Pot Brownies, Goes to Hospital Fearing a Stroke
March 30, 2015
Kids, you're getting to be too reckless with where you're leaving your pot brownies.

A 58-year-old Michigan man went to the hospital last week fearing that he was having symptoms of a stroke. Fortunately for him, that wasn't the case. At all.

Instead, he had only ingested his 17-year-old daughter's brownies. Her pot brownies, to be exact.

Rather than laugh this off, Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe intends to prosecute the high schooler to the fullest extent of the law, proclaiming, "She's 17 and an adult in the eyes of the law. She's not going to get it light, no. This will be a lesson for her and everybody else."

This writer's opinion? Get this guy some pot brownies and mellow out, rather than ruin a girl's life before it started because of marijuana.
I ate a plate of rice krispy treats in college. I didn't know they had pot in them and left a $10 on the counter for the housemate who had left town for a full weekend leaving them uncovered in a common area. When I realized what happened I texted an apology and offered to pay for them. The next six hours were fucking rough. The only safe place was the bathtub. I felt like a dog in a thunderstorm.
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"She put them in the kitchen but didn't expect anyone to eat them," Was she high when thinking that? She had to be high... I mean, come on!
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Jeffrey Dziuban
Note to parents: If your child unexpectedly makes brownies - or other baked gods - they may be for a bake sale, or a sick friend, or a birthday party. Ask before eating. If you do not ask, do not eat half the batch. Considering that the father is 58, born in 1956-57, this whole situation could have been resolved with a Jimi Hendrix album, or maybe some Carpenters, or the Beatles.
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Well at least the law will ruin her life for an issue that should be dealt with in family.
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2000 dollar fine and up to a year in jail... WTF!! Still kinda funny thinking about her explaining to her father that "No Dad, you are just baked "
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Oh my god, I smell toast! I really am having a stroke! I could sure go for some toast.
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Guess you could say he...bit off more than he could chew
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To be fair, most people lose their shit the first time they eat pot brownies.
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Lyric Thompson
Police told ClickOnDetroit that the brownies have tested posted for marijuana. McCabe said the girl will be prosecuted and “she’s not going to get it light.” Of course she's not going to get off light.. Lets by all means ruin this young girls life for making pot brownies..
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I wish my daughter would leave some laying around
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She should have told dad the truth, put on The Matrix for him and went out and got him White Castles. Yeah...that'd be cool.
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Ah, yes, the perfect way to detract people from getting high is by forcing them to get high on your own. 

Indonesian Cops Burn Weed, Get Surrounding Neighborhood High
March 27, 2015
"I need to go outside for some fresh air." takes giant deep breath holds it in
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I get routinely drug screened at work, I would sue the everloving fuck out of the department if I lost my job for failing.
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Taco Bell and Doritos most have made a fortune that day.
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We literally live in the Simpsons
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My god, those poor people are probably going to overdose now. That's the equivalent of 30+ marujuanas.
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"911, Whats your emergency?" "I... need... Ice cream... -with sprinkles."
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I was gonna go to work, but everyone in my office was high
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"We're going to kick you out of school! With all that free time, you'll learn how marijuana, and definitely not our archaic drug laws and stereotypes, destroy lives"

11-Year-Old Suspended for a Year from School for Having Leaf that Only Looked like Marijuana
March 17, 2015
WARNING: What you are about to read will infuriate you to the point of needing to get high to alleviate the stress caused by inane school administrators.

Because he had a leaf in his backpack that looked similar to a marijuana leaf, an 11-year-old sixth grader in Virginia will be deprived of a public school education for a year.

This, despite there being no proof of the leaf in question actually being marijuana, as well as the fact the student took a drug test that came back with negative results....three times.

Also, the school board treats "imitation" drugs with the same no tolerance policy.

So, yes, they are all idiots. 

The home ec teacher was also fired recently for all the suspicious white powder found in containers labeled 'flour'.
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Deadly the Eternal
"You like to collect leaves like many kids? That's a paddlin'."
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No matter what happens I'm sure this will instill a hearty respect for authoritah with the child.
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Medieval Knievel
Yeah, it's fun to laugh at something like this, but we're talking about a serious problem with the potential to grow into something far, far worse — much more dangerous and insidious. I'm referring to sixth-graders.
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Jackson PoIyp
He sure made a Faux Pot.
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Sounds like someone got angry that they were proven wrong and decided to deal out punishment anyways because their ego couldn't take admitting to being wrong. I fucking hate those type of people so much.
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"After the disciplinary hearing, “he just broke down and said his life was over. He would never be able to get into college; he would never be able to get a job" the real crime here is the shitbag teachers that filled an 11 year old's head with the notion that something he does in 6th fucking grade will ruin his life forever
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"Marijuana can ruin your life. So I'm going to try and get you arrested and ruin your life."
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The justice system be like, "Marijuana can ruin your life. Allow me to demonstrate."
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Even if it was pot, I fail to see how any of this approach would have benefitted anybody.
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Lookalike drugs? Wtf?!! So kids nowadays will get busted for posession of... baking powder? This drug scare has gone way too far.
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Rarely is the question asked, is our administrators learning?
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Chatham Harrison
So if I build a fake school and take my kid to it, they'll still give him a diploma?
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